Get Your STAR TREK Issue Of BMD Before It’s Gone

Celebrate the release of an actual good TREK movie!

Historically we have sold out of copies of our special BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. magazines during the second week of release of the film we are celebrating. Well, Star Trek Beyond is in its first week, which means we are probably going to be sold out in the next six to seven days. That means if you want to get a copy of this magazine, NOW is the time to strike. We will not be at any Star Trek conventions this year, so unless you live near a Drafthouse that still has copies left (not guaranteed), this could be your last chance. 

I'll be honest: this is a great issue. I'm not just saying that because I'm the editor in chief, I'm relaying to you what a lot of people have told me. This might be our best issue yet, and the writing within the pages come from our most exciting and diverse group of writers yet. We truly attempted to live Gene Roddenberry's dream of an inclusive future, and this issue's masthead proves it. 

So click here to order, because once this thing is gone, it's gone. We do not reprint. We do not keep excessive amounts in stock. And if you order now it's ready to ship ASAP - you should get it in just a few days. Don't miss out. 

By the way, the next issue: all Tim Burton. Get ready.