Disney’s Making A Non-Pornographic TV Show About A Boy With A Sentient Right Hand

No, today is not April Fool’s Day.

In the long history of goofy ideas for television shows, I believe this could be a new high. According to Deadline, The Disney Channel has ordered a pilot for a show about a youngster whose best friend is his sentient right hand. It will be called Right Hand Guy and will surely serve the hungry demographic of other youngsters who have also recently entered a deep and profound relationship with their hands.

Right Hand Guy will star some kid named Steele Stebbins, who I assume has some sort of history with painting a face on his hand and talking to people with it. He will co-star with a girl who will play his other best friend, Katie. This role has not been cast yet, so I don't know who to feel sorry for at this time. Dan Lagana created the show, wrote it, and will serve as executive producer. The pilot will go into production in September.

That is all I have to report on this matter. You are welcome to fill in all the blanks you want in the comments, but let’s not get too crazy.