Early Bird Tickets For MONDOCON 2016 Are On Sale Now

You should definitely go to MondoCon.

Surprise: two-day early bid ticket for MondoCon 2016 just went on sale! 

You can get them at this link, where you'll find the following description:

MondoCon is a celebration of everything we love, including movies, art, comics, music, toys, and food. It's a weekend curated with our fans in mind, featuring incredible Artists & Creators from around the world, Panels, Screenings, Food Trucks, & Interactive Events. This is the third annual MondoCon and we can't wait for you guys to see what we have planned.

Aaand here's why it's important to pick up your tickets now:  

Due to capacity restrictions MondoCon has a limited number of tickets available for each day. There may be a limited number of stand-by tickets available at The AFS Cinema on each day of the event, and will be sold based on available capacity.

If you've never attended MondoCon, I really cannot recommend it enough. Yeah, I know - Birth.Movies.Death. and Mondo are of the same company, and of course you could say that I'm somewhat obligated to make that recommendation, but I mean every word of it. MondoCon's first year was, admittedly, a little rough around the edges, but last year the Con was greatly expanded, and the extra space (and various other add-ons) made a world of difference. I had a blast walking around MondoCon 2, and there's every reason to believe MondoCon 3 will be even better.

Here's a full artists' lineup, if you're wondering who's going to be there: 

Martin Ansin
Oliver Barrett
Richey Beckett
Florian Bermer
Scott C
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Rhys Cooper
Daniel Danger
Craig Drake
Aaron Draplin
Jason Edmiston
Francesco Francavilla
Ken Garduno
JJ Harrison
Tom Haubrick
Rob Jones
Alex Kirhzner
Mike Mitchell
Randy Ortiz
Alex Pardee
Gary Pullin
Phil Ramirez
JC Richard
Arik Roper
Jay Ryan
Todd Slater
William Stout
Ken Taylor
Matt Taylor
Matt Ryan Tobin
Kevin Tong
Erica Williams
N.C. Winters
Matthew Woodson

There's some heavy hitters on this list, and of course all of these artists' booths will be accompanied by the usual round of panels, specialty screenings, and a brand-new Mondo Gallery showcase (featuring new artwork from Ken Taylor and Jason Edmiston) to gawk at. I'm sure there's plenty more surprises in store, but just the things we know about right now make this year's MondoCon a must-attend. Can't wait!

Head on over to MondoCon's ticketing page to pick up your two-day early bird passes, but don't hesitate: these are going to go quick.

Stay tuned for more from MondoCon 2016.