Jessica Chastain Likely To Join Jake Gyllenhaal’s THE DIVISION Game Night

There will reportedly be Mountain Dew and pizza rolls.

As you might remember, Ubisoft is putting together an adaptation of their hit game The Division, in which a military group must evict poor people from a New York City that is lousy with smallpox. I think I have that right.

The film will star and be produced by Jake Gyllenhaal. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal may be joined by Jessica Chastain. She is currently in negotiations for a big role in the film. Her terms are “Can I just be in the movie without playing the dumb game?” Meanwhile Ubisoft’s are “No, absolutely not.” Hopefully, the two parties can come to agreeable terms soon.

Chastain's would-be role in the film has not yet been revealed. Perhaps people who have played the game can offer some guesses in the comments.