SUICIDE SQUAD Director David Ayer Says Your Joker Fan Theory Is Ridiculous

David Ayer confirms: Leto ain't playing Jason Todd.

There was much to discuss when the first Batman V Superman trailer arrived. The darkness. The grittiness. The gigantic statue of Superman, defaced with graffiti proclaiming the Man Of Steel to be a "False God". And of course, there was that fleeting shot of Robin's desecrated costume hanging in the Batcave, the one with the words "HA HA HA JOKE'S ON YOU BATMAN" splashed across it. 

That shot of Robin's costume kickstarted an avalanche of fan theories, all of which basically boiled down to this: Jared Leto's Joker was actually Jason Todd, driven insane by some unspeakable encounter with the real Joker, who had yet to be revealed.

This was a bad fan theory, one partially driven by some fans' unwillingness to accept the "look" of Jared Leto's Joker, but there was no reasoning with the people who believed it. They really thought they had the code cracked on that one. For all I know, some of them still believe that theory.

If you are one of those people, Suicide Squad director David Ayer would like a word with you (fast-forward to 3:18 in the video below).

This is David Ayer being interviewed by WSVN-TV's Chris Van Vliet. This is David Ayer, a guy who'd know, saying that the Joker/Jason Todd fan theory is "ridiculous". This is David Ayer confirming that Leto's Joker is the "real" Joker. This is David Ayer, pointing at the camera, looking fan theorists in the eye, and saying, "That ain't the case." It gets no clearer than this. 

Of course some fans will continue to cling to this theory; after all, we've been lied to before (paging JJ Abrams, Dr. JJ "I promise that's not Khan" Abrams). But Ayer does not strike me as the type to play Mystery Box games. When this dude points in my face and tells me something isn't true, I'm inclined to believe him.

What do you guys think? Can we drop this once and for all, or are we not going to take David Ayer at his word?