A Monster War Is Coming In This Trailer For THE GREAT WALL

Matt Damon has a passport, and he’s going to use it!

It is such a good time right now to be into giant monster movies. Obviously, we have a lot of Kong and Godzilla and Pacific Rim stuff coming down the pike, but we no longer have to contend with just the big names. Bong Joon Ho’s Okja is happening, Nacho Vigalondo is making his Colossal, and now we have The Great Wall a gigantic Chinese production starring Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Effing Lau. Check out the awesome trailer:

I’m so in the bag for this it’s not even funny. I love the scope of what we see here. All the battle imagery is right on and exciting even without much monster action, which makes sense considering this was directed by Hero and House of Flying Daggers’ Zhang Yimou. 

The trailer does have a bit of monster action, though. Along with a big foot, there’s this guy:

Google eyes!

I’m pretty sure in real life the Great Wall was not erected to save humanity from monsters, but go ahead and get that adherence to reality out of my genre films. This concept is just silly enough to work, and I hope the actual movie lives up to the promise of this great trailer.

Also, if you need a little more The Great Wall action, Entertainment Weekly has some pictures from the film (the best one is below) and a great interview about the film with Zhang Yimou that I highly recommend.

The Great Wall is supposed to come out February of next year. Which is the PERFECT time to go see a movie like this. Fingers crossed it gets the wide release it deserves.