Jai Courtney Ate Shrooms And Put Cigarettes Out On Himself For SUICIDE SQUAD

Pray for Jai Courtney.

In a new interview with Empire, celebrated actor Jai Courtney has revealed that playing Captain Boomerang in David Ayer's Suicide Squad brought him to the very brink of madness.

As quoted by Yahoo Movies UK:

Jai Courtney has revealed he put out cigarettes on his arms while high on drugs during a Skype call with his director.

“That night I happened to eat some mushrooms,” explains the actor who plays Boomerang in the film, “and I did self-inflict some burns.”

You ungrateful monsters. Look at how Jai suffers for his art, for your entertainment. For our entertainment. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

He also revealed that it was his director who was responsible for his character’s distinctive haircut and facial hair combo.

“I turned up to discuss my look, expecting we’d have a long discussion and slowly he refine it,” says Courtney, “David [Ayer] just walked right in, picked up some clippers and started shearing chunks of hair off my head, Eventually he said, ‘You look like bad news.’ Then he left.”

Rampant drug use. Self-harm. Forced haircuts. Is this what we've become? Cruel savages who'd allow a tyrannical director to forcibly shave Jai Courtney's head in the name of bringing Captain Boomerang to life? No one even knows who Captain Boomerang is

Look, Hollywood: we only have - at maximum - five Jai Courtneys. We cannot be burning through them at this rate. It's a slippery slope! One day we're allowing Jai Courtney to put cigarettes out on himself, the next we're going to be shaming Sam Worthington into an eating disorder, or bullying Liam Hemsworth into running with the bulls - blindfolded - in order to prepare for a role in, I don't know, Captain Planet.

I think we all need to take a long, hard look at ourselves and ask if this is really what we want for our Jai Courtneys. Discuss.