THE ROCKETEER Is Getting Rebooted… With A Twist

There will be a black lady under the helmet.

Joe Johnson's The Rocketeer is one of the more underrated superhero movies ever made. The 1991 adaptation of Dave Stevens' comic captured the art deco look, the wonderful adventurous tone and the true spirit of fun that made the comic great - plus The Rocketeer has one of the best costume designs in the history of movies. He is PERFECT looking. 

Except maybe under the helmet. 

The Hollywood Reporter is hollywood reporting that Disney will finally reboot the movie (I've honestly been waiting for this to happen forever), and that they're changing things up in a big way. It won't be stunt pilot Cliff Secord under the helmet anymore, it'll be a black lady. Yup, they're diversifying The Rocketeer and I love it. And they're calling it The Rocketeers.

Apparently the new film is a reboot sequel, or a rebootquel or a legacy sequel as the dudes at Screencrush call it; set six years after the first film, The Rocketeers finds Cliff missing. A young black woman pilot takes up the mantle of The Rocketeer to stop an evil Commie scientist from stealing jet pack tech and winning the Cold War for the Russkies. I love love love having this be set in the 1950s - the movie simply must acknowledge the racism a young black woman would have faced at the time. It makes our new heroine a profound and exciting underdog, not only fighting against the big foreign bad guys but the institutional bad guys back at home.

Scrappy Hollywood outsider Max Winkler is writing the script along with his partner Matt Spicer. There's no word on when this might move forward, but here's hoping it's soon.

Oh, and Disney - here's some free advice: have Howard Stark show up in one scene. Also DO NOT CHANGE THE HELMET.

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