HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN’s Jason Eisener To Direct NEW YORK CITY OUTLAWS Adaptation

This could be something really gross and incredible.

It’s been five years since Jason Eisener wowed (or repulsed) the world with his Hobo With a Shotgun, a movie I quite enjoyed. In that time, Eisener has contributed memorable shorts to anthology movies like V/H/S 2 and The ABCs of Death, but I’ve been waiting for him to make another crazy feature. Apparently, that day has finally arrived.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Eisener will direct an adaptation of Robert Huszar and Ken Landgraf’s comic book New York City Outlaws. Aside from having an awesome title, the book also has an awesome premise: a bunch of vigilantes all team up to save NYC from a long police strike. Pulpy gold!

I can practically hear the Carpenter-esque score and smell the grime now. Even better, the adaptation will be written by Alamo Drafthouse friends Bryan Connolly and Zack Carlson. This is one of those perfect from the ground up situations for anyone who has been missing crazy New York cesspool cinema. Hopefully the finished film lives up to all the expectations the project engenders. In other words, I hope it’s super crass and gory and features Rutger Hauer.