Joe Carnahan To Try His Hand At Writing An UNCHARTED Movie

Sadly, he probably won’t be directing.

People have been wanting an Uncharted movie for a long time, which is weird because removed from the joy of actually playing the game, the story of Nathan Drake amounts to little more than just a modern Indiana Jones remake (don’t hit me, I haven’t played the new one!).

But I suppose if done well, a modern Indiana Jones remake could be fun. And it looks like Sony is at least starting on the right foot. According to Variety, they’ve hired The A-Team and The Grey’s Joe Carnahan to write the script.

Carnahan won’t be able to direct the film, however. His time will be taken up with his commitment to Bad Boys 3. But just having him work on the script is a step in the right direction. Carnahan can do serious action and he can do goofy fun action as well. He’s a solid choice.

That’s if they make the movie. He may turn in an excellent script, but that doesn’t necessarily mean an Uncharted movie is a forgone conclusion, especially with no stars or a director attached. We’ll just have to wait and see how all this shakes out.