Are You Ready For A 4K Restoration Of SHOWGIRLS?

Chlorinate the pool and heat up the dog food: SHOWGIRLS is coming back.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Showgirls. One says that Paul Verhoeven made a legit, big-budget exploitation film, one which will eventually come to be recognized as a classic. The other says that Showgirls is a fucking dumpster fire. 

Whichever side of the debate you fall on, you'll probably be interested to know that Verhoeven's film is getting a 4K restoration and headed back to theaters. If you're living in France, this should be of particular interest to you, because as of now there's no guarantee Showgirls will get the same rollout over here.

In the twenty years since its disappointing theatrical release and its negative critical reception, “Showgirls” has received a strong re-evaluation from critics and audiences, and is considered a landmark satire in many circles. Now, Verhoeven’s film will receive a 4K restoration and a Blu-ray release in France this fall. Watch a trailer for the restoration below.

It would not surprise me to see a newly-restored Showgirls hit Blu-ray in the States, but I'll be genuinely surprised - for any number of reasons - if Verhoeven's film manages to find its way back into American theaters. Here's a trailer for Bande's 4K restoration:

Well, that looks just as tacky as I remember it, only now the tackiness is razor-sharp! 

I'm curious where our audience stands on Showgirls: pro or con? Please lay out your best argument for or against it in the comments below (note: you are encouraged to present your argument in the form of a gif).