Check Out Some Of STRANGER THINGS’ Freaky Alternate Creature Designs

PLUS: A video breakdown of the show's impressive digital effects.

Note: this post contains spoilers for Stranger Things. You've been warned.

As you've probably noticed, Stranger Things has been a big-ass hit for Netflix. It's all anyone's talking about these days (including series creators The Duffer Brothers, who seem to be everywhere lately talking about their ideas for the show's second season), but for whatever reason, that second batch of episodes still hasn't been given an official greenlight. 

While we wait on the inevitable to occur, Geek Tyrant's dug up some interesting alternate creature designs for the show's Demogorgon. They're pretty cool!

These designs come to us from digital concept artist Nuttavut Baiphowongse, and appear to show off some of the early passes that were made on the Demogorgon's design. They're very Silent Hill-esque, no? If you'd like, you can check out a few more of them here.

Meanwhile, there's also this nifty video breakdown/sizzle reel from CoSA FX, the North Hollywood effects house (A+ official bio: "CoSA is to visual effects what the Shaolin Temple is to kung fu") that brought all those concept artists' designs to life. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Right now there's nothing new to report on the state of Stranger Things' second season, but we're literally expecting an announcement to be made any day now. Rest assured that we'll let you know as soon as Netflix pulls the trigger. Stay tuned until then!