Find Out Which Movies Will Be Roasted On DOCUMENTARY NOW This Season

PLUS: A hilarious clip from S2 episode "The Bunker".

IFC's Documentary Now is one of the funniest shows on television, full stop, so we were thrilled when the network announced the show had earned a second season. Today, we're even more thrilled to find out that season two's going to be here a lot sooner than we expected...and that this year's lineup of films sounds absolutely killer. 

First up: Documentary Now will return to IFC on September 14th. That's right around the corner! To celebrate the announcement, IFC released a brand-new clip from the second season premiere, "The Bunker" (based on D. A. Pennebaker’s The War Room). 

As an added bonus, this year's lineup sounds fantastic (and is going to be supported by one helluva cast). Here's the news, via USA Today:

Other films spoofed this season include Jiro Dreams of Sushi (Juan Likes Rice & Chicken),Swimming to Cambodia (Parker Gail’s Location Is Everything), Stop Making Sense (Transmission) and The Kid Stays in the Picture (Mr. Runner Up: My Life as an Oscar Bridesmaid, Part 1 and Part 2). And if you're not familiar with those films, you probably will be familiar with some of Documentary Now's guest stars, which include Anne Hathaway, Mia Farrow, Peter Bogdanovich, Peter Fonda and Maya Rudolph.

Documentary Now's first season was deeply impressive, both as a work of comedy and from a technical standpoint: each episode really goes the extra mile to capture the look and feel of whichever film it's roasting (see also: season one's Grey Gardens and Thin Blue Line eps), so I'm doubly excited to see how the show tackles, say, The Kid Stays In The Picture or Stop Making Sense.

Stay tuned for more on Documentary Now's second season as it becomes available. While we're waiting on the next clip: which season one ep was your favorite? Mine's definitely the Thin Blue Line one.