Benedict Cumberbatch To Become A ROGUE MALE

Or more rogue than he already was.

It’s possible we have moved past peak Cumberbatch, that brief period of time in which the actor was in every other movie that came out and we all got sick of him. This is a good thing. Now that he’s in less stuff, we can better appreciate his Cumberbatchiness in leisure.

Hopefully that’s the case when it comes to Rogue Male, a new film Cumberbatch will both star in and produce according to Variety. The story is based on the British novel, which follows an assassin who gets tortured almost to death after failing to kill a Hitler-like dictator. He drags his broken ass back to England and finds himself the subject of a manhunt.

The book was published in 1939, but it’s unknown whether this will be a period piece or not (my guess is it will). I’m more interested in what kind of Cumberbatch this movie will give us. As I said before, the actor became a bit too ubiquitous for me after a while, but he seems to be choosier about roles lately. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him as an assassin on the run. What do you think?