Someone Will Be Remaking Korean Zombie Film TRAIN TO BUSAN

But who will it be?

Everyone seems to love the new Korean zombie film Train to Busan. The film, which features a bunch of characters stuck on a bullet train as a zombie apocalypse unfolds, is a massive hit in Korea and seems to be getting great reviews over here.

But instead of being able to see it in theaters, many of us will have to settle for a remake. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is currently a bidding war for the remake rights. 20th Century Fox is involved, as is Sony Pictures, Canal Plus, EuropaCorp and others. So the question is not really IF it will get remade. Regardless of who gets it, a remake is happening.

So here’s the best case scenario for this. The remake comes out. It’s great. Every person in America sees it, and its cultural influence strong enough to finally get us a shitload of bullet trains. That’s honestly how I see this going down. Bullet trains are awesome.