Looks Like INSIDE’s Coming To The PS4, After All

And even sooner than you might've hoped!

Excellent news: Playdead's critically-acclaimed new game, Inside, is headed to the PS4. 

The existence of a PS4 version of the game (which has, up until now, been exclusive to XBOX One and PC) was revealed somewhat accidentally, when a list of the title's PSN trophies popped up over on Exophase. Shortly after news of the listing began making the rounds, Sony confirmed it for IGN:

Inside will arrive on the PSN on August 23rd.

This is incredibly exciting news for PS4 owners like myself, who loved Playdead's Limbo and would've done just about anything in order to play Inside (No joke: I was literally days away from purchasing an XBOX One - almost solely to play Inside - when this news drifted onto my radar; here's hoping this news saves you a few bucks, as well).

Inside arrives on the PSN on August 23rd. I will be taking that day off.