Netflix’s THE DEFENDERS Will Not Rob You Of Your Precious Foggy Nelson

Everyone’s favorite character will be back.

Think back on your time watching Daredevil seasons one and two. What was your favorite part? What was the one aspect of the show that gave you the least cause to complain on Twitter? The answer should be obvious. It was Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson, of course!

That’s about all the sarcasm I can handle. For many, Foggy Nelson was a huge point of irritation, even with his slightly improved story line in season two. There’s just something about that guy that irks people.

Unfortunately for those folks, it looks like he’s coming back for The Defenders. According to Henson himself, Foggy will not only appear in The Defenders but will do so with a sizable role instead of, you know, just some walk-on cameo to make sure we know all these stories are connected.

Will Foggy spend half the series defending a Defender in court? Will we see him make impassioned pleas to Matt Murdock’s murky morals? Will we get more flashbacks of Foggy’s twerpy college adventures? If we’re lucky, the answer to all these questions will be yes!