Photographic Proof Helen Mirren Appears In FAST 8

Thanks to, of course, Vin Diesel’s Instagram feed.

It’s been a rocky ride when it comes to Helen Mirren’s possible role in Fast 8. First she said she wanted a part, then she got one, but then we learned it would not involve any driving and also wouldn’t take more than a day to film.

So it’s a real good news/bad news situation. But if nothing else, we now have photographic proof that Helen Mirren did her day of Fast 8 filming, courtesy of Vin Diesel’s Instagram feed, a place where most dreams come true:

Such a joy and an honor working with Helen Miren... Happy Toretto Tursday!

A photo posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

There they are. Two titans of cinema. Vin Diesel misspells her name, and the pic doesn’t exactly tell us much about her role, but you get the idea. Also her hair looks super cool.

Now we all just have to cross our fingers and hope her role isn’t so small they end up cutting it. That would truly be the ultimate bad ending to this Helen Mirren/Fast 8 saga, which might end up being more entertaining than Fast 8 itself.