CHAOS WALKING Adaptation To Star Daisy Ridley

Book fans, rejoice!

Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy is one of those young adult series that really shouldn’t have the young adult label attached to it. I don’t mean that young adult books can’t contain high quality writing or complicated themes, just that it never struck me as all that teen-friendly. It’s a harsh story filled with death and morally grey characters most novels would be lucky to have.

So any news about Doug Liman’s upcoming adaptation is exciting. Especially when that news concerns Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley getting cast as the female lead, which is apparently the case according to Variety.

Ridley will play Viola, a girl discovered by the other young protagonist, Todd, in a land where no women are supposed to exist. It’s also a land where everyone can hear each other’s thoughts. Not only is Viola a girl, but her mind cannot be read, making her particularly threatening to all the dumb dudes around. She and Todd set off on a journey that expands and grows more epic than I could have expected. Seriously, this story gets crazy big and weird.

This will be a solid role for Ridley, one that will probably give her greater opportunity to display range than the Star Wars films. I’m over the moon excited that she’s joining the series and can’t wait to see who else they cast.