Here’s A Quick Glimpse Of Katherine Waterston In ALIEN: COVENANT

Ridley Scott's next is less than a year away!

Standby for incoming transmission...

This video, featuring Alien: Covenant star Katherine Waterston in hypersleep, was posted to the Alien Anthology Facebook page yesterday, apparently in celebration of the fact that we're now just one year away from Alien: Covenant hitting theaters.

What can we glean from this eight-second clip? Virtually nothing (it may or may not be worth noting that this hypersleep chamber looks somewhat similar to the sleep chambers seen in Prometheus, which makes sense given the timeline)! But, honestly - if you're an Alien supernerd like I am, eight seconds of not-quite-static footage is really all you need. 

Alien: Covenant arrives on August 4th, 2017. We eagerly anticipate the film's first trailer, but will probably be waiting a while on that.