Oliver Stone Urges You To Turn Off Your Cell Phone During SNOWDEN

Hell, you might even want to get rid of it entirely.

Oliver Stone's next film, Snowden, tells the tale of legendary former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who blew the whistle on the agency's deeply troubling (and highly invasive!) intelligence-gathering techniques.

This story's a custom-fit for Stone, and - as one might expect from someone who's spent the last few years immersed in Edward Snowden's world - the director has developed some very hard opinions on cell phones, which he's chosen to share in a new PSA that will screen in theaters before select showings of Snowden.

This clip is, quite frankly, delightful.

It's also espousing a message that we at the Alamo Drafthouse can get behind (in truth, we're actually a little flattered that a star of Stone's caliber would take it upon himself to record what basically amounts to a Drafthouse "Don't Talk/Don't Text" PSA). We're not quite ready to take Stone's advice about getting rid of our phones completely, of course, but let's just see how we feel about that after we've seen Snowden.

Oliver Stone's Snowden opens on September 16th.