The Theatrical SUICIDE SQUAD Is The Director’s Cut

Don't get your hopes up for an Extended Edition.

When the one-two punch of Suicide Squad getting rancid reviews and confirmation of my scoop about Warner Bros stepping in and forcing tonal changes in reshoots hit, fans got their hopes up - maybe there is a magical Actually Good Cut that David Ayer has sitting on his hard drive. After all, these guys believe the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman makes that movie work (I'll never know, as I am keenly aware of my own mortality and don't have three hours to spare on that shit.). Well, bad news for those guys - despite studio meddling, Ayer says the version in theaters is his cut. That's it.

“…there’s definitely over 10 minutes of [deleted] material on [the forthcoming home video release]. But this cut of the movie is my cut, there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, the released movie is my cut,” Ayer told Collider. “And that’s one of the toughest things about writing, shooting, and directing a film, is you end up with these orphans and you fucking love them and you think they’d be amazing scenes and do these amazing things but the film is a dictatorship (laughs), not a democracy, and just because something’s cool and charismatic doesn’t mean it gets to survive in the final cut. The flow of the movie is the highest master.”

That's a weird sentiment as the movie has no flow...

Will Ayer change his tune? Remember, this quote comes from a guy doing press for his movie. He doesn't want to tell you to wait out the theatrical version for the far superior version. And he's playing nice - this is the same Ayers who denied the reshoots were to get closer to the tone of the first full trailer and the guy who immediately backpedaled on his 'Fuck Marvel!' comment, so I think he's just being a good soldier. Suicide Squad is making money, and if WB thinks they can make even more with an Ultimate Edition you can bet there will be an Ultimate Edition at some point.