Sorry, Everyone. That Futuristic ROBIN HOOD Movie Just Got A Director

You haven’t heard of him. He lives in Canada.

You may or not remember a certain plan from 300 producer Gianni Nunnari to turn the story of Robin Hood into a futuristic sci-fi tale probably filled with lots of CG nonsense and speed ramping. If this is all news to you, I apologize for bringing it into your world. Moments ago you were innocent.

Some projects like this come up but then mercifully go away. This one just took a step closer to reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, visual effects supervisor Hasraf “HaZ” Dulull will direct the film. Why this guy? Well here is Nunnari’s reasoning:

HaZ brings the grounded realistic approach to the world depicting technology and people in a not too distant dystopian London.

No, I don’t know either. 

In any case, this is expected to start filming some time next year from a script by Tony Lee. Expect it to come out some February. It doesn’t matter which one.