The First Photos From Denis Villeneuve’s ARRIVAL Have Arrived

The director of ENEMY and SICARIO imagines a low-key alien invasion. We're there.

Back in April, Devin visited CinemaCon in Las Vegas and returned with a report that blew my goddamn mind: Denis Villeneuve had made an alien invasion drama. 

Yes, Denis Villeneuve, the director of Sicario, Enemy, and the upcoming Blade Runner 2. Dude just disappeared for a few months and quietly made what sounds like a mysterious, low-key alien invasion drama. Starring Amy Adams. All of this is so in my wheelhouse, I'm beginning to suspect that Villeneuve is communicating with me directly through his filmography.

Anyway, USA Today got their hands on the first two images from Arrival this morning. Please look upon them now.

USA Today's also scored some interesting quotes from Adams about the film's effects:

"Denis and the team have done a great job with the visuals and getting to something that looks familiar and not completely abstract,” says Adams, who gets a close encounter when Louise insists on face time with the world’s new out-of-town guests.

Filming scenes with the aliens, the actress recalls working with “a very brightly lit white screen with these awesome puppeteers who ran around holding very long poles with big orbs on the end.”

Renner, meanwhile, says that Arrival (based on Ted Chiang's 1998 novella The Story Of Your Life) is "like if you blended a (Stanley) Kubrick and a (Steven) Spielberg movie". He also compares the film to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, (!!!) and makes a point of saying that the film's aliens are "not goofy creatures with guns who are going to kill us." Yes yes yes

Arrival arrives on November 11th. It is, without question, my most anticipated film of the year, so expect lots of updates between now and then. You guys as excited about this as I am?