THE GIANT Might Have The Best Kickstarter Video Ever

This is how you hit your goal, crowdfunders.

We have a soft policy of not showcasing Kickstarter campaigns on Birth.Movies.Death. We're making an exception here for The Giant because a) Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm has already reached his goal; and b) his campaign video is something special.

Putting aside the included clips from The Giant (which we're now kind of dying to see, so well done there), the soft, creeping absurdity that carries this campaign video along is a joy. These things don't have to be dull, aspiring filmmakers! Had Nyholm not reached his goal, this video would have definitely convinced us to throw him a few bucks. 

But since he has in fact met the goal, all that remains for us is to sit back and anticipate what looks to be a Michel Gondry/Crispin Glover-esque, Men & Chicken-ish epic.

The Giant is a surrealistic comedy feature written and directed by me, Johannes Nyholm. It's inspired mainly by a fever dream I had when I was four, experiences from working with intellectually disabled people and from playing pétanque for several years.

Rikard is an autistic and severely deformed young man who tries to find his way back to his long lost mother through the game of pétanque and using the help of a 200 foot giant.

His fragile physique and a harsh, judging environment makes everyday life tough for him. Convinced that his mum will take him back if only he wins the Nordic Championship, Rikard tries to do the impossible. And the giant watches from above...

The Giant is the story of a small guy thinking big. Showing that imagination can take you far, when nothing else remains.

Into it.

Nyholm's 2011 film Las Palmas was also pretty wonderful, as you can glimpse below. We wish him luck with - and look forward to seeing - The Giant.