Check Out This Map Of The Stephen King Universe

See? It all makes perfect sense.

The image below - a mapping of the "Stephen King Universe" by Horror Films 101's James Van Fleet - is over three years old, so apologies if you've seen it before. It only crossed my radar for the first time this afternoon, and I've had so much fun gawking at it that I felt obligated to share with the rest of the class.

Check this thing out!

So, obviously, my first instinct - both as a nerd and an average internet user - was to try and poke holes in James' hard work...but for the most part, I think he's done a damn fine job. The only quibble I might mention is the lack of a notation connection the Low Men to From A Buick 8 (if I recall, 'twas a Low Man who abandoned the Buick 8 in the first place), but James does include a Todash connection for that book, as well as a direct line connecting the alternate reality of Rose Madder to The Dark Tower's Mid-World, both of which are connections I probably would'nt have thought to include. I'm impressed!

Oh, and speaking of The Dark Tower, here's a set of notations specifically intended for Tower junkies:

1. The thirteen colors used reference the "Bends of the Rainbow," a set of thirteen crystal balls important to the Dark Tower universe.  The "wheel" chart style and the numbers should also have significance to Tower fans. 
2. The locations (Derry, Castle Rock, 'salem's Lot, and Mid-World) are included only if they're present in a story; being mentioned is not enough.
3. Being mentioned is sufficient in the case of characters, as with Flagg in Hearts in Atlantis and the Crimson King in Black House and Hearts in Atlantis.
4. There's some speculation that Tak from Desperation and The Regulators is the Crimson King, but it's more likely that he's simply a todash monster, similar to It/Pennywise.
5. "The Man in the Black Suit" and "Uncle Otto's Truck" are mentioned because they take place within Castle Rock city limits (or where Castle Rock city limits will eventually be).
6. Also, thanks to Stephen King, who managed to create exciting short stories and novels, and then a book series, and then an entire universe, and then a friggin' multiverse.

What say you, King nerds? Impressed? Think James missed a spot? Sound off in the comments below.