Folks Who Missed TOO LATE In Theaters Can Now Watch It At Home

The film that would never go digital finally gave in.

Too Late is a movie that seemed destined to live and die on the festival circuit. A novelty noir told in five (mostly) unbroken shots and featuring a bunch of expensive needle drops, there seemed little hope this weird experiment would end up in theaters. Especially with its filmmaker’s dedication to 35mm so strong that DCPs were made off limits.

And yet it did get a small theatrical release. While the film definitely has its enthusiasts, limited exhibition may have kept many from seeing it during its run. If that sounds like you, never fear. The film is now available on iTunes.

I can’t say Too Late is a film I necessarily wish to champion. If you read my review, you’ll quickly see I have extreme reservations about it. There’s a bizarre charm at work for sure, but it exists as an incidental byproduct of a number of abnormal elements that don’t work. On top of that, time has eased whatever enthusiasm I had for the film almost a year ago.

Nevertheless, I feel Too Late is a strange enough duck to warrant a look if you’re so inclined. Now it’s easier than ever to do so.