Marvel’s LUKE CAGE Gets A Powerful New Trailer

Sweet Christmas!

Marvel’s Netflix universe hit the jackpot with Jessica Jones, thanks in part to the presence of Power Man himself, the indestructible Luke Cage. This fall we’ll see the continuation of his story, as he tackles local crime and a vicious Cornell Stokes (the comics’ Cornell Cottonmouth), in a Harlem saga sure to expand this world in interesting new ways. How interesting? See for yourself. This new trailer is FIRE.

There’s a brief throwback in there that I love, Luke Cage emerging from his Wolverine-tank looking like he did in the ‘70s, but other than that we’re getting a modern cage for a modern New York. That doesn’t mean we won’t get ‘90s rap references galore – the last trailer was cut to O.D.B., each episode is named after a Gang Starr song, and Mahershala Ali’s stone-cold Stokes is framed wearing Biggie’s crown – but what seems to be most exciting about the show is that it’s a simple superhero story about power, responsibility and doing the right thing, all the themes that we’re used to seeing, presented in a brand new context.

In case you were wondering, the song is the Heart Is Full remix by Miike Snow featuring Run the Jewels. All thirteen episodes of Luke Cage hit Netflix on September 30th.

“You have to fight for what’s right, every single day.”