Antione Fuqua May Grace Next SCARFACE Remake With His Particular Genius

Don’t @me about that headline.

Antoine Fuqua is the greatest director working today. Okay maybe not, but he’s way up there when it comes to action movies that are a little more gloriously violent than other directors would go with, and that counts for a lot.

Which means I’m always excited to hear what he’s doing next, particularly when that might be another remake of Scarface, which is what Deadline is reporting right now.

There are already two Scarfaces out there, the one the world knows about (which includes a quiet, contained performance by Al Pacino) and the 1932 version directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson. My guess is this one won’t be like either.

The main change we know about so far is that this will take place in LA. The newest version of the script was written by Jonathan Herman, but earlier versions were by Paul Attanasio and David Ayer, who would probably be my second pick for remaking this story.

In any case, this is good news. I doubt Denzel Washington will be in it, but we can’t have everything.