DON’T BREATHE’s Red Band Trailer Reveals Happy, Fun Torture Movie

People who don’t mess with Stephen Lang can breathe all they want.

Don’t Breathe tells the story of three yahoos who decide to rob a blind guy’s house. Seems like an easy enough thing to do. Blind people can’t see, you see.

But they can hear, and when they’re Stephen Lang, they can also kick lots of ass. Actually, a mere ass-kicking appears to be the least of these kids’ concerns:

Honestly the only real red thing in this red band trailer is the guy saying “it’s so fucked up” over and over again. I only watched it once and that managed to get old pretty quick. I’m curious what this movie has in store for us, given that there are only three robbers and one appears to get killed early on.

But I like Stephen Lang, I’m into the concept, and it’s always good when people break into some ill-advised place only to find they can’t ever get back out again. If it weren’t for the almost toxic things I’ve heard about this one, I’d be pretty excited for it.

We’ll all find out for ourselves when Don’t Breathe comes out August 26.