Rihanna And Anne Hathaway To Make OCEAN’S 8 Even Cooler Than It Already Was

This cast just keeps getting better and better.

So far, Gary Ross’ Ocean’s 8 already has a stellar cast that includes Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter. Those four names are strong enough that you could fill the other four roles with complete unknowns, and you’d still have an exciting group.

But that’s not what they’re doing. Instead Ross is going full-on awesome with these roles, as illustrated by today’s news that none other than Rihanna and Anne Hathaway are in negotiations to join the film.

Like all these people, Rihanna and Hathaway are good additions to any film, much less one that already has to much going on. This ensemble is going to be unstoppable. Only two of the eight main roles are left. Who do you think they will go to? I’m hoping for Helen Mirren. Or heck, maybe they could get Diana Rigg! It all kind of makes me sad they only have a crew of eight instead of the full eleven.

As for the plot, The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit has this to add:

I don’t really care where the heist takes place, but I’m kind of glad the film won’t focus on Las Vegas. In any case, I’m super excited to hear more about the film as development continues.