This COMPLETE UNKNOWN Trailer Would Like To Make Its Movie Less Unknown

Good luck with that!

Complete Unknown was completely unknown to me before this trailer came out. Now that it’s here, I still have little idea what the heck it is:

Going just with the basics, we have Rachel Weisz as some lady who can, I dunno, completely change her life circumstances on a whim. It could be a superpower. Meanwhile, Michael Shannon is a guy about to get married. She shows up at a party of his, and we discover that she disappeared from his life fifteen years ago. He’s all conflicted about it.

Riveting! Actually, this feels less like a trailer and more like a really boring movie condensed to two minutes (but still boring). Maybe there’s more than meets the eye here. If so, I hope a later trailer does a better job of sharing it with us.

Amazon Studios and IFC Films will release Complete Unknown on August 26.