Why On Earth Would David Fincher Direct WORLD WAR Z 2?

Read on, though you will find no answer.

In the grand scheme of things, we are all of us on this Earth for but an instant, given at birth a relative thimbleful of moments to make our mark on the world, and then we are gone. If we are lucky, we will have committed some act or work of art that will be remembered fondly by those here on Earth a flash longer than ourselves before they, too, are cast into oblivion by the black nothingness of death which comes for us all.

That frame of reference looms large over today’s news that director David Fincher, a mortal man with a finite number of days left to him, is in discussions to direct the sequel to World War Z. This soul-shattering possibility comes to us via Variety:

After losing director J.A. Bayona to the “Jurassic World” universe, Brad Pitt is zeroing in on an old friend for the “World War Z” sequel.

Sources have told Variety that Pitt, along with Paramount and Skydance, is in talks with David Fincher to direct the follow-up to the 2013 smash hit.

Pitt, who’s returning to star in and produce the next “World War Z” installment, recently met with a handful of other directors, but is said to be zeroing in on Fincher for the pic, which is expected to start filming in early 2017.

Skydance and Paramount had no comment on the development.

According to sources, Fincher and Pitt met two weeks ago to discuss the possibility of Fincher boarding the zombie tentpole. The talks were initially lukewarm, but sources now tell Variety that negotiations are much further down the road and that (no) other director currently has an offer.

Perhaps it’s true that the only real currency in this life are the relationships we forge along the way, and if so some solace can be taken in the notion of Fincher considering to give up a precious year of his life to make a zombie sequel for his dear friend and collaborator Brad Pitt. But haven’t we also seen friendships manipulated, and advantage taken for personal gain? Fincher agreeing to WWZ2 might well be a beautiful act of fraternity; can the same be said of Pitt’s request?

World War Z 2 was slated to open on July 9, 2017 but that date, like the remaining days of David Fincher’s life, will slip inexorably through the fingers of those involved.