A Major DC TV Character Will Come Out Of The Closet

This is really cool.

It’s neat that we have some of the “It shouldn’t matter” variety when it comes to queer characters on genre shows, and DC’s Television Universe isn’t doing a terrible job. You have Captain Singh and Pied Piper on The Flash, Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow, Nyssa Al Ghul and Curtis Holt on Arrow, and James Olsen on Supergirl. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t canon, but the show will soon feature Maggie Sawyer (Batwoman’s future girlfriend!) and the universe is also expanding with the animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray, featuring their first gay lead. That being said, one of the characters we’ve already met will be on this list soon.

While it’s easy to play this sort of thing for ratings (“Who will it be? Find out next week!”), what’s interesting about the "reveal", if one can call it that, is the reason we don’t know who it is yet. Per Greg Berlanti at TCA, the important thing here is making sure the audience gets to experience the development alongside the character.

He also says it’s a “significant character,” and assuming he means a series regular, it’s a pretty big deal. While that might seem like it limits things only to Mick Rory, who hasn’t shown explicit interest in anyone just yet, Andrew Kriesberg never used the words “gay” or “homosexual” while speaking on the subject.

“One of the characters on one of the shows is going to be exploring their sexuality, coming out. We’re very excited about that.”

I guess that leaves… Well, damn near everyone who isn’t already out. Realistically speaking, it probably won’t be Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl or their love-interests. As cool as that would be, my money’s on someone from the Legends crew, perhaps Rory or Ray Palmer finding comfort in Sara, though for some reason I keep going back to Wally. Or could it be one of the villains? You could name any "straight" character from all four shows and be equally wrong or right at this point (Schrödinger’s gay; even Martin Stein might figure things out somewhat late in life), but this is going to be worthwhile development, one that’ll probably help some lonely kid somewhere come to terms with who they are. So while folks like Curtis exist to normalize queer people, whoever this closeted character is will help normalize their journeys. That’s superheroes truly living up to their potential, and I hope it’s handled with care.