Here’s The Trailer For HBO’s New Weed Comedy, HIGH MAINTENANCE™

Get it? HIGH. Because of the weed.

Here is something I've learned over the years: you don't write off a new HBO series simply because it has a cutesy title or a shitty trailer. The network's track record is such that we can usually - usually! - assume, with some degree of certainty, that the folks at HBO know what they're doing.

But this High Maintenance trailer (which inexplicably includes a ™ symbol after the title; maybe that's the name of the main character's weed delivery service?) is really putting that bit of wisdom to the test. 

This is a weird, low-energy, awkwardly-cut (bad, let's just call it bad) trailer. I know this because I have watched High Maintenance's trailer twice now, and on both occasions my reaction has been "I do not want to see this show". This is the opposite of what a trailer - a successful trailer, anyway - is supposed to do. And yet...history leaves me inclined to give HBO the benefit of the doubt.

Let's look at the synopsis:

Providing a glimpse into the homes and routines of eccentric New Yorkers, the comedy series High Maintenance explores the private lives of these unique individuals through a common thread: their weed deliveryman. Ben Sinclair stars as The Guy, whose client base includes a group of characters with neuroses as diverse as the city.

High Maintenance was created by the married duo of Katja Blichfeld (Emmy®-winning casting director of 30 Rock) and Ben Sinclair (SistersThe Big C), who write and direct every episode of the new season, and executive produced by Katja Blichfeld, Ben Sinclair and Russell Gregory.

The main character's name is The Guy? Woof, folks.

I suppose I might give High Maintenance a shot at some point, but how quickly I get around to that will largely depend on what I hear about the show after it premieres on September 16th.

What do you guys think? Am I being too hard on this trailer? Think you'll check the show out? Let's hear what you have to say below.

Oh, also, here's the poster. It has a joint on it, because of the weed.