Soundtrack Preview for Graham Reynolds’ DREAM IS DESTINY

Graham Reynolds scores Linklater's films and then scores a film about Linklater

Richard Linklater certainly has to be including in any conversation about the most influential filmmakers of the 21st century. Whenever his name is mentioned, actors, directors, writers, and other industry folk come out of the woodwork to sing his praises. He marches to the beat of his own drum and has eschewed industry conventions throughout his entire career. When folks dream of being a filmmaker, it’s probably Linklater’s life they’re dreaming of.

Earlier this year SXSW honcho Louis Black helmed a new documentary film entitled Dream Is Destiny (2016) focusing on the life and career of Richard Linklater as an independent filmmaker. It’s an Austin-born film directed by an Austinite about an Austinite featuring music by…yes, you guessed it, an Austinite.

Graham Reynolds has been composing music for Linklater’s films for the last decade. His sensitive yet emotional touch is the perfect complement for Linklater’s intimate brand of cinema. Reynolds was tabbed to compose the score for Dream Is Destiny which might be his most personal to date. It’s interesting to compare music scored for a particular person’s films and then turn around and actually score a film about that particular person.

Lakeshore Records released the score on August 5, 2016 featuring twelve tracks of Reynolds guitar-twinged music. Below is a video preview of the soundtrack which takes you through several selections superimposed over a montage of old Linklater photographs which are absolutely amazing by themselves.