THE FLASH And SUPERGIRL Will Have A Musical Crossover!

Bless this DC universe.

Last year when The Flash hopped over to Earth-CBS, in a crossover that didn’t seem possible, the Scarlet Speedster and the Girl of Steel teamed up to fight a pair of villainesses after sharing both quips and ice cream. It was a somewhat messy episode, but it was filled with so much joy and laughter that it almost didn’t matter, and now that Supergirl is over on The CW, it looks like we’re in for more. In addition to a four-show crossover event this December, our favourite fun-having heroes are going to join forces for the ultimate multiversal adventure in 2017: a musical!

Come on, how are you going to pass up an opportunity to have this on a DC show:

This is great for a number of reasons, and I’m going to list them all. Melissa Benoist and Gustin Gustin are Glee alums, and regardless of what you think of that show, you can’t possibly deny their talent. Exhibits A and B. We’ve already seen Joe West use those pipes on Earth-2 (Jesse L. Martin was also in the Rent movie), and hey, how about Earth-Wow’s Cisco Ramon? That’s not all, Arrow’s John Barrowman, Legends of Tomorrow’s Victor Garber and Supergirl’s Jeremy Jordan, all of whom have musical experience, are also set to appear.

Unlike last season, the crossover is going to take place on both shows, so we’re in for two whole hours of this! I’m sure this will divide people into two camps, those wondering about how the hell it’ll fit into the story (my money’s on a modified Music Meister), and those who couldn’t care less because of how fun the two casts are. I’m sort of in the latter camp, although I do firmly believe both sides will end up happy. It’d be a shame not to take advantage of these lovable goofs, and while I’m not usually one for straight-up pandering, I’m more than happy to put those feelings aside if it means more fun and joy and Silver Age weirdness. This is the good kind of pandering, and I guess the only question is whether or not they’ll bring Eddie back.