I.T. - Pierce Brosnan Vs Tech Support

Mr. Brosnan continues to live the best post-Bond life.

Some day I’m going to write a “Life After Bond” piece in which I look at the post-007 career of the six men who’ve played Eon’s gentleman spy. Because those second acts are frequently an intriguing mix of well-intentioned exploration, solid work, and straight-up disasters.

Which of those do you think I.T. is?

Looks like we have in I.T. an action thriller about an old man (Pierce Brosnan) who’s confused by technology, fearful of the internet to the point of warning his daughter (Stefanie Scott) about the dangers of releasing personal info on social media. His worst nightmare comes true when his company’s I.T. guy (James Frecheville) turns out to be a CRAZY computer nerd, and Pierce Brosnan has to GET TOUGH in order to SAVE HIS FAMILY.

(*checks calendar to make sure it’s not Christmas*)

Oh my God, this trailer. OH MY GOD. Of all the "old white man" phobias and subtexts to have been explored in the various "Dad Movies" with which we've been recently blessed, "Dad vs The Internet" has got to be the batshit craziest and at the same time the most logical entry yet.

It’s no secret I never really warmed to Brosnan’s 007, but his Life After Bond™ saga is one I’m so, so on board with. This trailer (and that ACCENT – “My neeem is Mike Reegen…”) only deepens that commitment. 

I.T. hits theaters and VOD on September 23rd, at which point I will be hitting I.T.