The First ALLIED Teaser Promises The Most Erotic Robert Zemeckis Film Of All Time

Prepare to get the vapors.

When you say "Robert Zemeckis", here's what I think of: unbridled eroticism. Eyeballs rolling in ecstasy. Sweaty flesh feverishly grinding against other sweaty flesh. Sexxxy bidness taking place behind closed doors. Also, Marty McFly.

Marty McFly does not (as far as we know) appear in the upcoming WWII romance/thriller Allied, but you better believe Zemeckis is bringing his freak-nasty A-game. Check this out.

As you can see, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard (who, with sinful abandon, unbuttons her shirt all the way to the midway point in this teaser) are on absolute fire here. Looking at one another over martini glasses. Looking at one another in carefully-angled mirrors. Shooting bottles in the desert, hugging each other - in full view of other patrons! - inside a nightclub. At one point, a pregnant-and-giving-birth Marion Cotillard is wheeled (sexily) through an exploding hospital. There's no other way to say it: this movie is going to be hot as fuck.

In case it's not clear, Allied stars Pitt and Cotillard as two spies (one American, one French; you'll have to guess which is which) who fall in love while undertaking a dangerous series of missions during WWII. We don't know much else about the film at this point, other than it clearly intends to be very, very sexy. 

Allied opens on November 23rd, which means Thanksgiving's going to be even more erotically-charged than it normally is.