New GODZILLA: RESURGENCE Trailer Shows You Everything

A lot of buildings die in this movie.

If you’re sensitive about what certain things will look like in Toho’s Godzilla: Resurgence, you might want to skip this new trailer from the Philippines, which is full of crazy Godzilla action all over the place:

So this new Godzilla not only has laser like atomic breath, he also shoots that shit out of his tail and back spine things. And it seems to just slice through stuff like a lightsaber. Cool? I’m not 100% sure, but I do appreciate that they’re trying something new.

I’m also surprised how many goddamn buildings fall over in this (admittedly very bizarre) trailer. Some even fall over on Godzilla himself. What a knucklehead!

In any event, the monster design is still gigantic and impressively evil looking. It’s becoming more and more certain that Godzilla won’t fight any other monsters in this movie, which is kind of a bummer. Still, this one at least as a unique look and approach to giant monster mayhem. I’m excited to see what Toho has cooked up and look forward to sequels filled with my other favorite monsters.