What Did The Pitch For SUICIDE SQUAD Sound Like?

Probably a lot like this.

Imagine you live in the DCU.

Imagine you're Amanda Waller.

Imagine you have to pitch top-level government officials on this top secret new concept you've come up with: a "Suicide Squad", made up entirely of super villains. Imagine you have to convince these folks that your idea is a good one. You really need to sell them on this.

Imagine the sort of pushback you might receive. 

I confess that I was not familiar with YouTuber Jenny Nicholson before seeing the clip above, but she's certainly on my radar now. I think I've had more fun watching (and rewatching) this three-minute clip than I did during any three-minute stretch of the actual Suicide Squad

I'm pretty sure "This guy has a boomerang" is my favorite line (it's all in the delivery), but it's admittedly tough narrowing it down to just one. Gimme your favorite gag in the comments below.