Great Full ARRIVAL Trailer Introduces Aliens And Danger

It’s not ALL awe and wonder.

A week ago we got our first real look at the very anticipated Denis Villeneuve sci-fi film, Arrival, in the form of a brief but alluring teaser. The clip didn’t show much but displayed just enough mystery and suspense to hook people despite giving very little away.

I’m both surprised and happy that the film’s full trailer, which you can watch below, doesn’t play quite so coy:

That should just about do it. We get to more or less see the aliens while we also get a nice sense of how this setup will lead to a feature film plot. This isn’t an alien invasion movie about war and violence, but the threat is there. If Amy Adams can’t find a way to communicate with these beings, they might decide to wipe us out. Hopefully they don’t come across any video of Donald Trump while they’re here. The good news is Adams has experience making aliens fall in love with her.

Arrival comes out in November. With any luck, they can keep the mystery going between now and then.