Jason Sudeikis To Play John Keating Role In Stage Version Of DEAD POETS SOCIETY

It probably won’t be as good as the last time this movie and SNL intersected.

First off, there is going to be a stage version of Dead Poets Society premiering off-Broadway this November. I suppose that’s a suitable enough film for theatrical interpretation. There are no bombs or big CG scenes to keep it from being translated accurately to the stage.

But what a show like this needs is an actor of high caliber to take Robin William’s John Keating role and really run with it. And according to The New York Times, that actor will be Jason Sudeikis. For anyone willing to go see this thing, he will be your captain oh captain. I would have gone with Will Forte, but I’m also not very smart and would rather see a goofball version of this. The good news is I’m unlikely to see ANY version of this!

Sudeikis, as you probably know, used to be on Saturday Night Live. And while this is all pretty legit, no SNL-Dead Poets Society crossover will beat “Farewell Mr. Bunting” which you can watch below.