Robert Downey Jr. And Nic Pizzolatto May Bring PERRY MASON To HBO

That’s a lot of exciting proper nouns.

According to Variety, Robert Downey Jr., True Detective’s Nic Pizzolatto and HBO are all having talks together about possibly bringing Perry Mason back to television. Pizzolatto will write, Downey will star and the world will rejoice. Or a big chunk of it anyway. Even Godzilla fans should be pleased since Perry Mason was the lawyer in the American version of the first Godzilla movie.

This seems like a slam dunk get for HBO, who needs a new flagship drama and can use Downey’s movie star status to pull it off. Plus, old people have already heard of Perry Mason. They may think he was played by Peter Falk or Andy Griffith, but they’ve heard the name.

Downey has been trying to get a Perry Mason movie made for quite some time, but has yet to get it off the ground, something that become even more challenging when The Judge failed to set the world on fire. This way, he and Pizzolatto can stretch the story out into something special, and it gives Downey something to do when he’s not having just his face filmed for Marvel movies.

What do you think? Is TV ready for another go with Perry Mason?