That John Krasinski JACK RYAN Amazon Series Officially Has A Full Season Order

Maybe he can have a crossover with the new MacGyver someday.

John Krasinski’s transition from everyday dude stuck in an office to action hero is one I don’t think anyone asked for or anticipated but we seem to be getting anyway. The guy already starred in a Michael Bay movie, so it’s pretty much a done deal at this point.

We’ve already known that Krasinski would be taking the Jack Ryan (boy oh boy, do I keep almost typing Jack Reacher) mantle for an Amazon series, but today that becomes official. According to Variety, Amazon has ordered not just a pilot but a full season of Kransinki Jack Ryan action. The show will be a modern day telling of how Ryan got all up in the spy game, which seems familiar to what Chris Pine tried to do with the character a couple years ago.

In any case, this is part of all our future’s now. We’d better get used to it. There’s no premiere date set yet, but it’s coming for you.