If You’ve Been Hoping For An Action-Adventure Remake Of CLUE, Today’s Your Lucky Day

It was 20th Century Fox, in the board room, with the Hasbro development deal.

A lot of 80s kids (myself included) love Jonathan Lynn's Clue. It's filled with funny people doing funny things (see header photo), had a memorable theatrical release (it hit theaters with three different endings attached), and was basically in constant rotation on HBO throughout the early-mid 90s. It is, by my estimation, the greatest film ever based on a popular board game about murder.

That Clue is being remade should come as no shock; one studio or another's been threatening to do this for years. What is somewhat shocking is the approach that 20th Century Fox (who's taken over the project after Universal failed to do anything with it back in 2011) is taking to the property. Namely:

"...Story details are still under wraps. We are hearing, however, that there’s a desire to move the story out of the parlor and make it a game of 'worldwide mystery' with action-adventure elements, potentially setting up a possible franchise that could play well internationally."

In the classic version of the board game, players are trapped inside a spooky old mansion filled with secret passages, mysterious secrets, and a handful of Agatha Christie-style murder weapons. Jonathan Lynn and screenwriter Jonathan Landis looked at that setup and thought, "Oh, so it's a murder mystery, filled with all the classic tropes of that genre. Got it." 20th Century Fox and the people at Hasbro, on the other hand, have decided that Clue cries out to be turned into a globe-trotting action-adventure. Okay.

Folks, you know where I stand on remakes (even at their worst, they can never erase the existence of the original), but I will cop to being annoyed by this entire concept. I have zero interest in a Million Dollar Mystery-meets-Carmen San Diego take on Clue. That said, I'm admittedly curious to find out who's going to direct this thing, and even more curious to see what sort of cast they assemble for it. 

Stay tuned for updates as they roll in.