Marvel’s RUNAWAYS Is Coming To Hulu

Just when you thought you were done with that service.

There's been one Marvel property that the internet has been slobbering over foreverRunaways. That was in development before the MCU launched, and every year people pop up to wonder if we will ever see it get translated to the big screen. Well, wait no more - Hulu has ordered a Runaways series from The OC/Gossip Girl honchos Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, which should give you some idea of what sort of tone to expect from the show.

Maybe you don't know what to expect from Runaways at all because you have no idea what it is. That's reasonable: the book was intensely popular with its small-ish fanbase and the characters from it haven't quite made a crossover to the mainstream in Marvel Comics. The premise is both simple and awesome: a group of kids band together and run away from home when they realize that their suburban parents are secretly supervillains. They use their inherited powers/their parents' tech to battle The Pride, the name of their moms and dads' supervillain group. 

The announcement of the show doesn't mention which characters will be on the team in this iteration, but the classic line-up - created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona - is:

Niko - a witch who can use dark magic.

Karolina - an openly gay extraterrestrial, her parents are Hollywood stars when they're not being secret supervillains.

Molly - the youngest of the group, she's an 11 year old with super strength and invulnerability.

Chase - the bro of the group, he uses his mad scientist parents' flame gloves, the Fistigons.

Alex - the child of mob bosses, he has a heightened intellect. 

Gertrude - her mom and dad are time travelers, and she has a telepathic connection with a velociraptor named Old Lace who is her best bud. 

There are other members who join later, but one later member who is introduced in the first issue is Victor Mancha, a cyborg created by Ultron. 

It's a diverse team - Alex is black, Niko is Asian, Gertrude is chubby, Victor is cloned from a Latina - and it's a great group of characters. I never quite understood why the Runaways, like the Young Avengers, sort of faded out of the comics as I think they're some of the best and most interesting characters Marvel has introduced in the modern era.

It's a great idea for a show, but I'm curious what kind of a budget Hulu throws at it. Runaways without Old Lace just isn't Runaways