New Details Emerge On STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT’s Death Star DLC

Pilot an X-Wing, infiltrate the Death Star, and then blow that sucker up.

Earlier today, EA dropped a ton of new details about their forthcoming, Death Star-centric Star Wars: Battlefront DLC, Battle Station. It sounds both extremely ambitious and extremely awesome. 

For starters, the DLC will be broken into three phases: a phase where you're piloting an X-Wing (or an A-Wing, if that's your thing) through space to reach the Death Star proper; a phase where you're actually on the Death Star, tracking down and extracting an important droid; and then a final phase where you go back into space and blow up the Death Star itself. That sounds intricate and also kind of exhausting! 

According to the post over at EA, this DLC pack will introduce new playable characters Bossk and Chewbacca, and - in its final "phase" - will allow players to "become the hero of the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker, in his Red-5 X-wing as they attempt to destroy the Empire’s ultimate weapon". New Star Cards and weapons (specifically: blasters) will also be included in the DLC. This thing sounds stacked, so much so that I'm kind of regretting trading in my copy of Star Wars: Battlefront.

Here is some newly-released concept art for you to look at: 

Aaaand here is the DLC's teaser trailer, which is kind of old but gives you something else to look at before finishing this post:

What do you guys think? Still playing Battlefront? Into EA's pitch? Sound off in the comments below, and prepare yourselves for the arrival of Star Wars: Battlefront's Battle Station DLC in September.