New International Trailer For ARRIVAL Clarifies The Conflict

Every frame of this movie looks gorgeous.

Yesterday we got our first, full-length trailer for Denis Villeneuve's Arrival. We looked upon it and saw - as is usually the case with any Villeneuve joint - that the film is spectacularly gorgeous. 

Today we've got a new international trailer (well, it actually dropped yesterday, but we're just catching up with it now; just go with me on this), and while it's just as pretty as the cut we got yesterday, this version of the trailer goes the extra mile by clarifying a bit more about the conflict at the heart of Arrival.

Namely: why are the aliens here, and will their understanding of our language get us blown to smithereens? 

Last night, I read the Ted Chiang short story on which Arrival is based, and - as far as I can tell - it seems like Villeneuve's staying reasonably faithful to the source material. Some of the character names (confirmed via IMDb) are the same, the premise is the same, the pivotal role language plays in the story seems like it's going to make the jump to the screen...but it's also obvious that Chiang's novella - which runs just under forty pages - has been expanded. I'm curious to see what Villeneuve's planning to do with, let's call them embellishments

On a related note: I really enjoyed Chiang's novella and highly recommend it (if you're not worried about spoiling Arrival for yourself, you can find it in the book attached via Amazon link below), and I'm very interested to see how this particular story has been translated to film. Let's just say it doesn't seem like it'd be a particularly easy adaptation to take on.

In case it's not clear: I've gone out of my way to keep this post spoiler-free, and would request that all of you (those of you who've read Chiang's story, anyway) do the same in the comments below. Don't be the dick who (possibly) spoils a new Villeneuve movie. That'll earn you a bannin'.