Jared Leto Will Be In BLADE RUNNER 2 For Some Goddamned Reason

Start your "Method acting as a replicant" jokes.

The very existence of Blade Runner 2 tears me in two. There shouldn't be a sequel. I'm not even a fan of Blade Runner and I know there shouldn't be a sequel. But at the same time Denis Villeneuve is directing, and that's good news. But also Harrison Ford is coming back, and that feels like it's not great news. But also Ryan Gosling is in it, and I'm kind of digging this phase of his career, so I like that. 

So I've been going back and forth on this movie for months, and now news has come that has put me decidedly in one camp: Blade Runner 2 shouldn't exist. What's the news?


Fresh off his 'complaining about Suicide Squad after a year of boasting about how twisted he was in Suicide Squad' tour, Leto will be joining the 'legacyquel' in an unknown role, although I'm putting money on him being a replicant. I have a bad feeling he's going to be this film's Roy Batty, in fact. That's just a hunch. 

Well, that's the stake in my teetering enthusiasm for Blade Runner 2. Somebody let me know how this movie turns out.